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With the number of injectables steadily growing, there are now nearly 12 million nonsurgical procedures performed worldwide each year. With this increase in demand from patients looking to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence, we understand that more and more healthcare professionals want to provide them with the best possible care and service. In our years of experience in aesthetics, we know the only way patients get the best possible treatment is from skilled and knowledgeable physicians. This is why we’ve set up the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics, a unique training facility for healthcare professionals wanting to ensure they are at the forefront of aesthetic treatments.

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    The Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics is an expert-led professional education institution devoted to advancing knowledge and providing physicians with unsurpassed academic as well as practical skills.
    Participating in courses from the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics will give you the clinical skills, as well as the knowledge and confidence, to further develop your own clinical practice; providing your patients with best-in-class treatments and care. Research tells us that “trustworthiness and medical expertise” of the physician are key criteria when it comes to selecting a provider. This insight highlights how important it is to remain at the forefront of training to successfully compete in the world of aesthetics.


    We know your time is precious, but you want the best, so the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics has been specially structured and developed by a global faculty of aesthetic experts to enable you to build your own customized education and training programme to suit your individual requirements.
    Your educational programme can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, whether you want to deepen your knowledge or simply refresh your skills. Depending on the modules the courses comprise anatomy supported with 3D animation backed up with scientific detail or injection techniques (on film) as well as product information.
    A summary test has to be passed at the end of each module.


    Expert-led curriculum – the content of the modules has been developed and approved by a global faculty of aesthetic experts
    Flexible learning 24/7 – you decide when you want to learn … while traveling, after work … it’s up to you as our online training programme allows you to learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want
    Cutting-edge training techniques provide an engaging learning experience which is compatible with tablets
    A truly global approach – with consideration of different ethnic groups
    A balanced methodology ensures unsurpassed scientific education beyond pure product information


    We currently offer online courses on the topics “Facial Anatomy and Ageing”, “Clinical Practice” as well as “The Merz Aesthetics Product Family”.
    Our courses are based on the latest scientific findings and comprise cadaver dissection videos and images as well as 3D animation, professional injection videos and cutting-edge visualization techniques of vessels, fat compartments and bones.

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